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Our Lady Collegiate church in Vernon
A whole site dedicated to this monumeent (in English)
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Vernon half-timbered houses
A whole site about our numerous old houses (In French only, sorry !)
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The Old Mill in Vernon
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Monet's house and garden at Giverny
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The XIIth c. castle keep in Vernon
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Visits, indeed, but there are so many other things to do in Vernon
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Walking and cycling around Vernon
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Museums in Vernon (paintings by Monet) and Giverny
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A walk in the streets of Giverny
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The water lily pond at Giverny
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Tourelles castle in Vernon
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Calendar of flowering times
in Monet's garden

Tulips, pansies, forget-me-nots, narcissi, aubrietas, daisies, cherry and crab-apple blossom, fritillaries, daffodils, etc.

Irises, peonies, rhododendrons, geraniums, wisterias, azaleas, wallflowers, daisies, delphiniums, etc.

Floraison des azalées

Roses, poppies, clematis, Dames' rocket Tamarisks, etc.

Roses, nasturtiums, Snapdragons , ageratums, zinnias, nicotianas, busy lizzies, verbenas, dahlias, rudbeckias, salvias, primulinus gladiolus, cleomes, cosmos, sunflowers, helianthus, hollyhocks...
Beginning of water lilies

Fleurs d'été

Dahlias, cosmos, hibiscus, etc. (see July)
End of waterlilies

Nasturtiums carpet the Grande Allée, Asters, dahlias, cosmos, rudbeckias...

Dahlias and all the annual flowers until frost

Le jardin à la mi-octobre

A frequently-asked question : what is the best season for visiting Claude Monet's garden?

The answer is difficult since it depends a lot on individual tastes.
It is true that the flowering of bulbs in springtime is not as spectacular as summer flowers, but blossoming trees and a flower bed of tulips mixed with daffodils and narcissus are not to be disregarded and are certainly worth a visit.

A few weeks later, May is an explosion of colours.
The season of roses may be the climax of the year - all the more as the rose garden of former Hotel Baudy, a few steps away from Monet's ( see the page Giverny, an American colony), is also in its full splendour.

One might think that autumn is less favourable, but it would be wrong.
Dahlias offer a riot of colours and all the other flowers are still there.
It is true that frosty weather may damage the flowers but this is exceptional even in the very last days of October.

Autumn has also the advantage of being quiet. The crowds of late spring and summer have gone and it is possible to walk in the garden free of hustle and bustle. In the silence of the water garden, one can still feel something of Claude Monet's presence. It is an unreal and magnificent experience.

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