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Our Lady Collegiate church in Vernon
A whole site dedicated to this monumeent (in English)
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Vernon half-timbered houses
A whole site about our numerous old houses (In French only, sorry !)
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The Old Mill in Vernon
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Monet's house and garden at Giverny
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The XIIth c. castle keep in Vernon
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Visits, indeed, but there are so many other things to do in Vernon
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Walking and cycling around Vernon
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Museums in Vernon (paintings by Monet) and Giverny
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A walk in the streets of Giverny
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The water lily pond at Giverny
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Tourelles castle in Vernon
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The Lime tree walk
(Along the former city walls)

Vernon has been proud of its long avenues lined with lime trees for two centuries. Several kilometers of such avenues make up an exceptional ornament.  Among all these avenues, Avenue des Capucins that goes from Château de Bizy down to almost the river is the secon longest one in France (after one in Millau in  south central France) : four lines of lime trees ( 560  altogether) were planted  in this 1500 m long avenue.

The walking tour we suggest here will take you around the city centre following the avenues and boulevards that were designed in the place of the former city walls. When the walls, towers and gates  were  pulled down around 1770, hundreds of  lime tree were planted  there.

During the tour, you will pass by the main interesting sights  of the town; you are also invited to walk along the river Seine - one of thre  nicest sights in Normandy. The tour also takes you to other less known places that are also both historic ans interesting for the visitor :starting from Place Chantereine, a short round tour is suggested to discover two streets lined with half timbered houses, where visitors are fewer, before resuming the Lime tree tour.

The tour can start anywhere you like; Place d'Everux is no more than a suggestion

Some of the places you can see

         Place d'Evreux        

Place de Paris


Mantes Gate in 1638

A rest of the mésieval wall

Rue Bourbon Penthièvre

Right bank of the river (Vernonnet bank)

Archive Tower

An old workshop

A voir  pendant la boucle au départ de la Place Chantereine

Half timbered houses

15th c. Annonciation

A beautiful medieval group of buildings

The former Stage coach inn

There is a large free car park - but often full - avenue Mendès France (where the tour passes). Also free, the carpark under the river bridge ( The walk passes just across the  road)   Free parking is also posible Place Chantereine or more surely a bit farther in Avenue de Rouen that begins here.  Parking is usually easy (but with meters !!) Avenue Victor Hugo and avenue Gambetta (also along the walk)