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Our Lady Collegiate church in Vernon
A whole site dedicated to this monumeent (in English)
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Vernon half-timbered houses
A whole site about our numerous old houses (In French only, sorry !)
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Vernon Giverny Website auf deutsch

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The Old Mill in Vernon
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Monet's house and garden at Giverny
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The XIIth c. castle keep in Vernon
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Visits, indeed, but there are so many other things to do in Vernon
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Walking and cycling around Vernon
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Museums in Vernon (paintings by Monet) and Giverny
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A walk in the streets of Giverny
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The water lily pond at Giverny
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Tourelles castle in Vernon
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You're going to visit Monet's garden in Giverny?

Prepare for it by first
Vernon Museum
which exhibits the works
of Giverny artists, including Claude Monet, of course...


Welcome ! For one day
or one weekend,
to visit magnificent gardens and relax in the beautiful village of  Giverny, to discover the town of Vernon.
History, art, food and a hearty welcome...
Enjoy yourself....

Your name's Vernon ?
Your hometown's Vernon ?

And you believe there might be a connection between your name or that of your hometown and Vernon, Normandy, France? You're right, this is very likely, indeed…

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GIVERNY MUSEUMS OPEN MARCH 30th, 2018 (until November 4th), 2018

In the Gardens of former hotal Baudy at Giverny

Brook at Giverny

An Old street in Vernon

Our Lady Collegiate church in Vernon

What you can find in this site: 

Several pages specifically devoted to tourism and visits (Claude Monet's house, the Museum of Impressionnism, both in Giverny, Vernon with its monuments and medieval district,, places to see in the neighbourhood, etc.), all this in the " Visit VERNON" and "Visit GIVERNY" sections. 

The  " Vernon MORE" and  "Giverny MORE" sections  evoke unusual, little-known or simply unexpected sides, historical events or sights related with the town and surrounding places. Here you will find about 30 pages dealing with the history of our region, either official history or its sidelights, from anecdotes to more elaborate papers providing the bottom and the framework of your visits.

The "STAYING"  and   "Practical Information" sections :  in addition to lists of hotels,  B and B, etc... there are  addresses and tips to make your stay easier , a map of Vernon, etc. This is also where you can download several useful documents.

If you feel that some pages are not informative enough, that some pieces of information are lacking or are incomplete, inaccurate or obsolete, please do not hesitate to contact us and express your criticisms or suggestions. Both are needed to improve the site. Thank you.

The river Seine in Vernon


Why  is this website  entitled Vernon Giverny when you wish to visit Giverny first of all ? Why do we want to tell you about Vernon?

Giverny is a village with museums, art galleries and restaurants,  but for the rest,  hotels, shopping, post-office, railway station, banks & ATM, etc, you must go to Vernon, only four kilometers away. You will find everything you need in this town with its 25,000 inhabitants.

Moreover, the city, with a rich past, its medieval monuments, its  typical old streets, its magnificent sight around the Old Mill and Tourelles castle, can also attract your attention for a few hours' visit. You won't be disappointed, indeed.

The following pages will provide you with all  the information you require for an enticing visit of both places.

We hope to see you soon in Vernon and Giverny...

 The Old Mill and Tourelles Castle

Detailed information sheet - click here
Pierre Bonnard, the famous painter, Claude Monet's friend, lived 18 years in Vernon at Ma Roulotte

Above: view from the balcony of  Ma Roulotte
Below : Ma Roulotte painted by Bonnard

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