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Our Lady Parish

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Our Lady Parish


    Father Jean Marc  Lecam is the vicar of Our Lady parish.

      Vicarage: 1 bis rue du Chapitre 27200 Vernon
      Phone: (33) 02 32 51 03 81

The vicarage is open Monday - Friday, 9h to 11h30 and 14h to 18h15. Saturday : 9h to 11h


    • On Sunday at 9h and 11
    • Weekdays: every evening at 18h30



About the Webmaster



Neither my university training nor my later career have prepared me to become the webmaster of a site dedicated to the visit of a monument, hence to history in general and the history of art more specifically .

As a matter of fact I studied languages at university then I taught English during my whole career in all kinds of schools and with all kinds of pupils and students. I was among the first to teach English to primary school children in the years 1970 - 75, I taught in a few 'lycées' (= grammar schools / high schools), but in several engineering colleges and took an active part in the training of teachers of English for science and technology.

However, during all these years, I also developed an interest in history, and especially in medieval history. Back in the 60s, my M.A. thesis was already about medieval literature (Chivalry in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, a XVth century poem).

I retired in 2002 and started working voluntarily for the Tourist Office of the city where I have been living for twenty years, namely Vernon, in Normandy.

Fortunately for me, in addition to Claude Monet's house and gardens in Giverny, the main Vernon tourist sights are connected with the Middle Ages, which, as you may have understood, is also one of my main sources of interest.

Among the various tasks I was asked to perform, I began guiding groups of visitors around the city: the monuments and the sights of which may not be exceptional - this is neither Paris nor Versailles !- but are definitely worth a three or four hour visit.

This is why I had to pay special attention to the local church, read the literature that had been written about it, examine it in details, well, do everything that a guide must do if he wants to convey his passion and interest.

The next step was simply (?) to transform an actual visit into a virtual one and, thanks to the Internet, provide (virtual) visitors with information, landmarks and pictures evoking and describing the history, architecture and artifacts of the church.

Granted, this church is not one of the best-known sights in France, but I hope I have developed enough interest in virtual visitors for them to visit Vernon actually, its historic centre and its Collegiate church.

    J.C. Viel





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