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Local sites Tourist Office of Vernon and Giverny Probably the site about Vernon, Giverny and surrounding places A few old pictures of Vernon The legend of Saint Adjutor



Anglo-norman civilization A complete site about Anglo-Norman civilization



Religious buildings Computer renderings of Amiens cathedral Tutorial on Romanesque and Gothic architecture with specific examples, Saint-Sernin at Toulouse and Amiens Cathedral. Gothic : Engineered For Heaven
Stone, art, architecture...and the Middle Ages Another great site about Gothic style A lesson (including a quizz and assessment !) about Gothic architecture All about gargoyles Several pages about gargoyles Everything ( and more!) about French organs in this specialised Website



Docteur Coutan L'église Notre-dame de Vernon Imprimerie Lecerf à Rouen, 1912

Joël Repesse Collégiale Notre-Dame Vernon Editions Bertout 1993

Jacqueline Troyon Les grandes orgues de la Collégiale Notre-Dame de Vernon

A.G. Poulain A travers le vieux Vernon Rouen 1953

Edmond Meyer Histoire de le ville de Vernon, Tome 2, pages 258 - 284, 1876

Our Lady Collegiate Church : Ten Centuries of Art and History, Office de Tourisme de Vernon, 2003



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