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Because of the destructions wrought by the Revolution, the artefacts that still exist are rich but no longer exceptional. For instance a lot of sculptures were hammered down as well as several tombs. However, what remains and what was added in the 19th century is definitely worth a visit.


18th century altar front showing the Mystic Lamb.
(carved wood)


Another altar front from the 18th century shows Saint Avoye receiving the Holy Communion brought by an angel into her jail.


Detail from Saint Avoye altar front
(carved wood)


Chapel of the Rosary, in baroque style (time of king Louis XIII, first half of the 17thc.) An exceptional canvas (St Domenico receiving the Rosary - see the 'paintings' page) is mounted in the altarpiece made of carved and gilded wood. Above a statue of the Virgin dating from the 17th century.



The high altar in Louis XVI style ( i.e. late 18th century) comes from a former Carthusian monastery in Gaillon (a nearby little town), the original altar having been destroyed during the Revolution.


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